Sunday, June 7, 2009

'Vada-pav’ philosopher

I am blessed with some excellent friends and promised to introduce them whenever possible. You have to know this interesting man.
Faiyaz Hardwarewala is his name, but he should have actually been christened Softwarewala, going by his soft nature.
FH is in media relations and has worked with leading companies in Dubai. His recent stint was with a famous publication. He has roamed around the luxurious spots of Dubai as a journalist.
Is he rich?
Well, that’s the story all about. Simple living is his philosophy.
FH prefers to work in Dubai for a few years, chuck his job, return to Mumbai, pick up a bicycle, take railway season ticket, spend time in libraries, have "vada-pav" and such other simple food, talk philosophy with friends, especially Ayn Rand brand. Once the bank balance starts pinching, he starts looking out for a job again. BTW, vada-pav is a snack (bread and potato mix, hey, whoever knows what it is don’t laugh at my explanation) sold in roadside outlets and restaurants in Mumbai and is inexpensive.
“I want to live my life the way I like. Take it or leave it,” he argues.
As a true buddy, I am worried about him, but secretly I admire and envy his guts.


  1. Yes indeed he is very courageous to live his life exactly the way he wants to....BTW your explanation of vada-pav was interesting.Looking forward to meet more of your interesting frns.

  2. FH seems like a great person to have for friend...what does he read at the library? I appreciate that you explain the local words and references, R, otherwise I have to figure it out...look for clues or look it up! Enjoyed the post! <3

  3. Your friend sounds like a wonderful person that anybody would be blessed to know. And you are a good friend for paying tribute to him. Living simply is best. We are much happier when we value our family & friends over material objects and creating good karma rather than monetary wealth is what motivates us. But there must be balance; we should also be responsible... I hope he saves enough back for his retirement! Thank you for introducing us to Mr. Faiyaz. Namaste, good friend. Hug.

  4. It is very tough to actually follow your dreams and live it. Hats off to your friend for being able to do it. What about his family?Do his wife and kids readily accept this? Great post.

  5. Thats what i call living life on the edge...Way to go

    One of my wishes is to live life once like he does after quitting his job...

    Dont believe me?...check out my 10 things to do before i die...@

  6. Yes! I am glad to have met him! I love vada pav too!

  7. “I want to live my life the way I like. Take it or leave it” - great principle in life but it's the hardest route to follow.

    Thanks for introducing such an admirable person to the blogger community.

  8. I indeed dream of such a life too... but again dont have the guts your friend has... !!!

    p.s. I love the vada pav tooooo much !

  9. i've never had vada pav :(
    nice post...this guy has got quite an interesting life!

  10. Your friend has a really great motto in life, but I can't even think of such a life, my parents will eat my head off saying that you need security and blah blah.....kudos to your friend for being so free spirited.

  11. He's got a good point. I mean if you realistically look at it, we work so we can have the life we want. When did it become the other way round?

    Tell him I admire his philosophy and I am the Ayn Rand kind if he wants to philosophize someday :D

  12. Cannot post my comment on your 'bury the worry' post. The comment page is not loading. But the thoughts are great and so is the post.

  13. I love vada pav very much. Fantastic post. Keep writing.

  14. Hi Faiyaz...

    so good to read about you.....and that you are a vada paav person..which spells so many's the innate simplicity and umbleness about you..that had struck a chord in me the first time that i met you at Mumbai..

    speak of the London Metal Exchange number crunching game...and my dear hubby is lost into it with his colleages every minute of the day.. aint numbed by the metal dynasty rulers any more.....! and what you doing at Sharjah...

    speak of good ol Vada Paav.....andmy heart goes out to good old amchi navi mumbai...but teh best vada paav's in this world man...are available at Raj Maata vada paav centre on Ram maruti road at Thane...

    its got teh zing of life..some's got the crispy crunch that melts in your taste buds..when you cut your bite tru the paav and then on to the soft spcied up potatoe mash.....

    walking past Raj Mata's at Ram Maruti...would have you soaking in the waft of hot spicy vada paav...unleashed into the ether....

    oooh....a dash of green chutney and lasoon chuney..all rolled up in paper......with two fried green chilles for the garnish..

    it's yours for the asking man......ooops...that's vada paav..

    so who ever said that only girls are made up of spice and all things nice..

    let's now open our eyes to the world of vada paavs and its the telling revelation of the warm cozy world that it takes you in.....which cannot be missed..

    my dear Vada Paav are indeed not underestimated in any way....for the hoi polloi...and the grass roots or even the highg brow intellectual sort or the perfumed and cologned salt and pepper haired...bunch..why? even the young men and women....promenading the streets of Dubai.....with their hair gels in tact..taking puffs of designer smoke from hi fi branded bags....would know lil of the gyan...that's to be found in a bite ful of the delicious vada paav..

    happy eating....out...

    i wish i was there near you..

    to make some for you..

    until then..

    sleep over this...

    and start boiling some potatoes....


  15. Yes Indeed Faiyaz is such a guy!!! He can give up anything is he wishes too...he's used to living life on his own terms guess that's the reason he doesn't have GF's wish he could have one so that he could c the other side of life....But hes a gr8 guy and a wonderful Human Being...