Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hidden dangers

Saturday being my off day, I was off to a mall. Entered a book stall. Saw a line of heavy books on Sigmund Freud. Picked up one. Opened a page at random and read this.
Two sisters and their brother lived in the US happily when the brother got a job outside the city and moved out. The sisters kept a paying guest, a handsome man. Both were happy with guy. He was well behaved and the neighbourhood liked him. One day, one of the sisters was in her room when he entered, undressed himself, did not touch her or harm her and moved out. In a few days, he vacated and was almost forgotten. But the sister in this incident started developing symptoms of strange phobia. She fell sick and repeatedly thought that the neighbourhood looked at her with suspicion that she loved the guy and missed him badly. When the psychologist asked her whether any harm was done, she denied. She was in a denial mode throughout. The problem arose as she refused to share the truth with anyone close to her.
Moral: When in trouble, share your views with some confidant. Don’t feel shy.
At this point my phone rang and my girl friend said “Hi”.(Haha, I know, what is in your mind naughty. She’s a friend who happens to be a girl).
Around midnight, I was reading Sidney Sheldon’s Tell Me Your Dreams. There is a page where Dr Salem will hypnotise murder convict Ashley and ask her questions. He will find out that she suffered from multiple personality disorder. It was so gripping I got scared and couldn’t sleep for sometime. Checked the doors and windows, put off the AC and opened the balcony. Are you grinning again?
OK, stay alone, read the book at midnight after having a dose of Freud.
Again Moral: There are hidden dangers if we do not share our thoughts.


  1. hehe, i agree, few days back( i stay all alone in a two bedroom flat, since wife is away)i was watching the movie Saint Ange and i was shit scared.I checked all my room windows, kitchen doors and couldnt sleep properly. The movie was interesting so i kept switching it on and off in between horror scenes.

    i can relate to how you felt.:))

  2. hi, no i am presently at BAHRAIN. WAS in DXB until last year.bahrain rocks!!!!!!!1

  3. Wonderful moral to the story and I couldn't agree more. We must not keep our deepest feelings and fears locked inside; it is important to have at least one confidant. I hope you enjoyed your day off. Peace, my friend, and of course I would be honored to have you as a host. It will not be until I get out of school, but time has a way of flying by so it will come sooner than expected. :)

  4. any news of that guy?? i guess he was suffering from some sickness himself.. wat sas?

    n yes, i avoid horror show!!:-) wondering why..

  5. I read the Exorcist and did not sleep the night!

  6. I can't imagine you getting scared reading Sheldon...i am going to buy this book(lol)....i too agree with you is important to have confidant to tell your fears....sorry that you lost your sleep..but why i am grinning instead of feeling sorry for you....some friends you've got ,sir.The way you present these very sensitive issues with a touch of humour is BRILLIANT .

  7. I love watching thrillers, specially for the effect that you have drawn out. I like to get spooked, esp as I know, its just my mind, and I can control it. Today the comp, internet as well as IE are behaving so can post the comment. You have been tagged.

  8. your point is taken... but when in trauma you speak to someone who doesnt understand, it leaves a permanent dent... so also know whom to talk to.

  9. I love bookshops.. And you are right about sharing what you feel, though some ppl seem to overdo the sharing bit. sigh !

  10. yea..I was reading Sidney sheldon's The Sky is Falling at 12 o'clock midnight.Suddenly light went off.insane...! I was in extreme fright..i cant even see nythin to chek wheter windows n doors closed well...i got to my bed with great difficulty ...dumped myself underneath the sheet.
    Why is it like that..? eh..till this happened I boasted to myself as a terror free man..

  11. Having someone to share thoughts and feelings with is one of life's great luxuries. =)

    Have a nice summer!

  12. ayyo...njan chettan onnum allae..jus an aniyan..very much younger than you..
    thanks for your encouragement...i really need that,
    n i do have another blog..a new one.this is one i am posting on these days..
    can u please check that also?

  13. Man, you derived two good morals here and sharing thoughts does a lot of help in life; this is a nice post :)

    You packed your girl friend's phone call between the morals - ha ha...

    Cheers buddy...

  14. our mind is a powerful weapon as it wields enough power to transform into a supporter who takes us to new heights of success or a terminator who plagues us with doubts and scares!
    I never had the nerve to watch horror movies! just didnt have it in me.. books somehow have lesser effects, may give me nightmares..but nothing like the horror movies! so i have come up with a new strategy! I watch these flicks muted! At zero volume, the film looses its edge!