Saturday, June 27, 2009

By hook or crook

He was a man with that lean and hungry look. When I reached Dubai’s only Krsna temple, he came and sat next to me in a chair.
“I can read your face. You are deeply distressed,” he started on his own.
“Really? Did I ask you?” I shot off.
“I know astrology. You are married and you have two kids,..,” he continued. Shucks, his guesswork worked.
“Am not interested. Look for another victim.” I got up.
He held my hand. “I do prayers at the cemetery at midnight. You do not know my powers. If you do not pay me for a special ritual, you will get a bad news before you reach home today,” he dared to say this to me.
“OK. Lemme face the bad news instead of paying you. And I am also worried,” I said.
His face brightened.
I continued. “I am worried about you as you do not know who I am. You aren’t going to reach your home today,” I managed to scare him.
He remained quiet for a moment, got up and moved on murmuring something. I kept looking at him, as would a tiger look at a jackal, until he disappeared from my vision.
PS: Nothing happened. On the contrary I got a good news that my report appeared in a Delhi magazine and I would get $100. Never fall a victim to such crooks if you come across one. If possible give a kick on their butt.


  1. hehe, alright..:))))

    I have been to the kirshna temple. In burdubai right?

  2. It makes me happy that you did not succumb to his attempts to extort money from you.

    I get so angry when people send me those emails telling me that if I do not forward to such-and-such number of people that I am going to have bad luck. I never forward them and nothing bad ever happens.

    No human has control of the fate of another.

  3. you are true and congrats for that article :)

  4. I kept looking at him, as would a tiger look at a jackal, until he disappeared from my vision--- loved these lines.

    Very well said we should kick them,had i been in ur place, i would have talked him just because he guessed it right abt the family :(

  5. That was a smart move man! :)

    I gotta say the same for forwards which say I am gonna have bad luck :P

  6. Interesting encounter. It is difficult to resist giving our power over to someone else...especially when we're feeling vulnerable. What a clever answer,R.!

    Come over to Oasis Writing Link (OWL)blog and collect an award. You are indeed an insightful person!

  7. I can see that you would suffer if you don't transfer $10 from that to my account.. :D

    Loved the post!

  8. haha... nice... congrats about the article... now if you dont transfer $1000 to my account, well, nothing will happen.

  9. Haha, Hilarious...

    I hate the fwd-to-so so number-of-people mails too...

    Nice write-up..

  10. wow...poor guy was certainly a not so good day for him.....he deserved this treatment.Once again an interesting post ...

  11. Oh God! I am not too fond of going to that temple. It scares me as it is. Now tho ..I have to think THRICE before I go there. Right thing to do. Never entertain such stuff.
    I never even forward the mails that I get that give me the same type of threats...:-)

  12. Yes Bhai, the more people respond to such crooks, the more they enact dramas that they possess some powers.

    "If possible give a kick on their butt." - Yes it's the right way to deal, ha ha...

    Couldn't agree more with the comments here, this piece carries worthy points which readers can pick up from your experience.

    This particular line is very impressive :
    "I kept looking at him, as would a tiger look at a jackal, until he disappeared from my vision."