Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paris in Dubai

A senior reporter of a competing paper who is a good friend flashed a shocked look.
“Don’t tell me boss that you are not going for Paris Hilton press conference. She’s in Dubai and is the talk of the town,” he exclaimed.
“First, it’s not my beat. Second, meeting celebrities has not helped me greatly. Maybe, Orianna Fallaci (God knows whether spelt right!) became well-known as a journalist interviewing famous personalities. (I remember she once wrote that Maomar Gaddafi was eyeing her male photographer when she was trying to grab his attention) But I am no Fallaci,” I started my lecture.
“…!!” he listened.
“Even if I interview Hilton, after the meeting her chauffeur will drive her away to the world’s only seven-star Burj Al Arab Hotel and I will be left searching for the low-priced public bus to Sharjah. Why run after celebrities? Should we ourselves not be celebrities?” I went on.
“Celebrity. Youuu..?” he laughed like a roaring lion, picked up his bag and bade farewell still giggling when he opened the door. He was convinced he was talking to a mad man.
“You darling friend,” I called out. “I got a namesake award for good reporting in Mumbai and the top newspaper flashed the news “Navi Mumbai’s celebrities awarded.’”
After he left, I had a hearty laugh at my own joke.
As for me, I feel every person who enters this blog is a celebrity.
What say?


  1. The last line is supposed to make it all worth while, eh??? Lol.

    Bud, that's a cunning sweetener if u ask me. Like a delicious cherry on a cake or like a carrot in front of the donkey. CLEVER.... WInk wink.

  2. ofcourse... !!

    The celebrity HITCHWRITER !!! just type my name in google... !!!

  3. Thats true about being a celebrity. Paris is in Dubai? But what the hell is so great about her? She is a celebrity for all the wrong reasons. :))

  4. Awesome...ek dum right! Bloggers are no less than celebrities yaar!

  5. One celebrity blogger visiting another celebrity can't get better than this...Paris ...i think she is an interesting celebrity ..i kinda agree with what Anand

  6. Don't know much about paris hilton but one thing i know is i have become a celebrity :)

    Extending my book to take autograph from you :)

  7. i agree... and more the number of people who read you, the bigger celebrity you are... so, yes.

  8. Bhai, you are an expert in mixing humour in right proportions into all your writings.

    Every post you write, you pack at least few lines of humour so that your reader should either give a smile or go for a good laugh.

    One such a line - "He was convinced he was talking to a mad man." - ha ha :)


  9. U make me smile every time I come for a visit:) Tks, my celebrity friend! Ur so right! Maybe we are wannabe celebs? We bloggers crave attention! We want to be heard + because our loved once won't listen to our interesting stories we go blog. Now we're google-listed and work our way up to Hilton-hits (well, there's always hope :) Even if I fail, I still have the advantage of knowing at least one real award-listed Celeb :)

  10. i totally agree.. in my life... i m the only celebrity.. err.. there's also my son..

  11. The last line was superb :) enjoying my 'celebrityhood' now :)

  12. Paris is dumb...he wouldn't have gained anything from her press conference

  13. Do your readers need any appeasement to come back that u said the last line??? ;)

    Nice read :)

  14. Paris is in Dubai!! I would so like to visit and wipe that smug look off her stupid face. Am definitely feeling like a celebrity, the last line is a killer!

  15. I have no idea why she is a celebrity?!!

    :-S Proud of you!


  16. Truly, celebrities should be celebrated less...much less. I recently had a very bad experience with a very rude Sharmila Tagore in London. So much for years and years of admiration...!