Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tech, buck and muck

A typical scene at Marina beach, Chennai

There are some best things I noticed during my recent trip to India, and some worst.
First the good ones: Prosperity is visible. Some people who once talked about taking loans to buy bicycles are now owners of motorcars. Technology is the key word and I saw several vegetable vendors, sadhus, carpenters and haircutters flaunting their cellphones and motorcycles. Developments in medicine have helped some people move with artificial hearts, legs, glittering white imitation tooth and much more (I don’t know what is on your mind, naughty).
Youngsters get much better salaries than what we used to get 10 years ago.
Now the bad side of the story:
The one-point mission in life for most people seems to buy a one or two-room kitchen of their own. The utter failure of successive governments to offer affordable housing to all Indians is responsible for this. The entire life is spent working to buy a roof. If cheaper houses built by government flood the market, private sharks will learn a lesson. But are not private sharks and public big fish hand in glove?
Many do not know the meaning of hygiene. There are no proper public urinals and pissing on the roads is a common sight.
Road network has improved a great deal. Travelling from Chennai to Mumbai by car (1,200 plus km) proved quite easy. The road tolls every three hours may be expensive, but worth it.
TV serials have brought discard in many families. The elderly prefer to watch serials where family revenge is the buzzword. When the youngsters ask for cricket match or latest movie, an argument ensues, brews and ends in mini-family war.
Politicians command no respect. Many are convinced that India is progressing despite the politicians.
Materialism is all-pervading. But I cannot talk on this subject. I will preach money is evil, but run for it on the sly. I am a hypocrite on this. When the pocket gets empty, it’s better to turn a philosopher.
The secret: Deep inside, I realize simple living and less desires bring the door of heaven closer. In fact, it brings heaven to earth.


  1. Ramesh, Such thought provoking points.. Agree with everything you say.. Just have to add one thing, yes money does not bring happiness, but it does make life a little bit easier.. simple living - yes, desires - well, I feel desires are necessary to make us strive for better.. And I don't mean that in pure materialistic senses.. Not sure if I am making any sense, actually :(

  2. TV serials, don't get me started on those. It makes my blood boil and trust me nothing else makes me this angry.

  3. Very well said ramesh,now cellphone and cars are the common thing which everyone are having it,now the market is flooded with so many mobile co's and our actors/cricketers etc are endorsing it.

  4. Rightly said but how many of us are willing to practise the same.Your message is very clear and sensible...truly.

  5. very well said, but I would say that why we think money is bad or materialism is bad, why cant ethics,morality, money and integrity all stay together? In my life they stay toether in peace.
    We just need to
    adjust a little,
    sacrifuce a little,
    give a little and
    make evrything work.

  6. For every positive there is a negative. I always pray and hope for balance, but rarely see examples of it.

    You hit the nail on the head with your secret. You're a wise man! Peace.

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  8. Cant do without the buck, but to be high on it is a vice. great and honest post.

  9. well said. Agreed completely.

    Tv is pathetic in that area.

  10. Nothing but the truth my friend, keep us illuminated.

  11. Sorry, something went wrong and I had to copy, refresh and post again. My computer has become very very slow. Looks so bad.

  12. Ramesh Bhai, the titles you give to your pieces of writing are always interesting and appreciable.

    Well yes, technology is one aspect which has evolved in a great way, making life easier.

    With the para of TV serials leading to mini family war, you packed in some humour for your readers to savour.

    Yes, control on our desires will give more peace and bring heaven much closer :)

  13. Good observation of what has turned for better and what for worse.

  14. Thankyou Ramesh for visiting my blog and for such encouraging means a lot to me.

  15. HEy Ramesh, Howz u brother?? isten Why were u not able to comment on my Tips blog?? WOt happend?? Did it give u some error or it js wudnt let u?? Plz lemme knw.

  16. Btw..ur on my blogroll now brother.

  17. I live by 'simple living, high thinking,' so i like your closer....

  18. That pic from a Beach is so beautiful because of those all colours and happy people (they are quite well-off ?) That hygienia thing is quite scary. No public wc. And those common people should have possibility for a modest price home. There would be so much to do by coverment. It is a country of big contrasts. Colourful but a little bit scary too for Scandinavians. Thanks for your comment in my Finnish summer pics :)

  19. Ramesh, the philosopher! I love that post! Though don’t count on the government for better housing. What we need are private investors with a great conscious and an “un-greedy” mind. Dear friend, u r no hypocrite at all… ur a responsible householder. Having money or being materialistic is not the same. With the first one can help others, the second is a choice – even a poor chap can be materialistic – just look at all those unnecessary cell phones out there.
    Jeez, I am talking too much :)