Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No money, no sleep!

The cockroaches have gone and the bed bugs too. I have been left alone, to sleep and dream in peace about that 28-year old Tunisian beauty I met last week (What is your problem if my imagination runs riot, darling?). Which makes me wonder.. Would I have been able to slump into slumber this peacefully without the Dhs 100 I paid for the bedbug-buster guy? So does it mean money can buy happiness?
This also brings me to this beautiful letter our great friend from Canada has written. I admire her thoughts and sure you too will. This was her response to a post where I mentioned government needs to help public on housing and money may be linked to happiness.
Fida Wild wrote: Don’t count on the government for better housing. What we need are private investors with a great conscious and an “un-greedy” mind. Dear friend, u r no hypocrite at all… u r a responsible householder. Having money or being materialistic is not the same. With the first one can help others, the second is a choice – even a poor chap can be materialistic – just look at all those unnecessary cell phones out there. Jeez, I am talking too much :)
No Fida, you are not talking too much. You are talking sense. Absolute wisdom. Thanks.


  1. Yes, your imagination is indeed running wild, hehe, but so is mine.Money does get happiness(happpiness is a very subjective word, i feel so, Ask someone who doesnt have it.

    And Fida is so right. Ciao:))

  2. I agree with your friend 100%. Wanting to have money is not the same as being materialistic at all. So many people I know are in over their heads in debt just to have the nicest car, biggest house, designer clothes, etc. and then there are many people who are quite well off financially but choose to be generous with their money and live very modestly. If I ever have a lot of money, I will continue to live modestly and use the money to help those less fortunate and I hope my son would do the same.

    Glad your bed bugs are gone, friend. It was making me itch to think about you living with those nasty critters! So maybe money can relieve some discomfort, but still not buy happiness. Happiness is a choice that you make every moment. :)

    Peace and affection, my good friend.

  3. That is a lot of money spent on the pest control people! Damn!

    And I too agree with Fida!

  4. money cant buy love but definitely it can buy sleep. And sleep is the more of a necessity than love at the age I am in right now..agree with Fida too be money wise!!

  5. Money and Materialism...hmmm...kinda serious stuff..

    Money is what you need to get food,clothing, shelter and education. Nothing is free in life.

    Materialistic is what you buy to make a life little better. It could be a nicer sofa to relax in. It could be an ipod to listen to your favourite music.

    Nothing wrong in having money or being materialistic, so long as you don't harm anyone for it.

  6. All I can think of is the Tunisian Beauty...hmmm...someone will kill me for this! :P

  7. I agree with Jyothi. I started writing the same views and she has written it already! Both are important. And bed-bug cleaning seems to be very expensive!

  8. Couldn't agree more with what Fida said. And to add a tiny point, I would say that money creates an illusion of happiness around us, but true happiness in life is something else and we always realize that a little late.

  9. I think i'll go with Jyothi. There is no harm in wanting a little luxury , as long as one doesnt step on anoter's feet for the same.
    People make a hue and cry if a big industrialist decides to build himself a huge house in the middle of the city , they say the money used for that extravagance should have been used for the welfare of the poor.
    How fair is this?
    It is his personal choice as to how to utilise his money.
    Charity is a choice and not a responsibilty.

  10. Ramesh,a very interesting post,i have been following it since you posted it,visiting many times to read what others have to say....all of them have added very valuable comments ..Fida is one intelligent person..i too completely agree.

  11. Damn, I thought u'd dream about me :)