Friday, February 12, 2010

Avi, Avi…

I can’t forget this guy Avinash. He was with the technical support cell of the newspaper. Very friendly chap.
One day when he passed by I called him with a grim face.
“Hey, I heard you are spreading words about me.”
“Who said man?” he got serious.
“I know everything. Lemme tell you straight on your face. I don’t like this.”
He was almost angry. “Temme who said?” he raised his voice.
“Arre. Everyone says that you go around telling I am an enterprising guy, intelligent and charming.”
“I swear I never said anything like that,” he replied instantaneously. And then fell silent for a second.
When everyone else laughed he realized the joke.
“Shit. Why will I say such lies anyway?” he smiled.
I continued.
“So are you sure you never said anything like that?”
“Then go and spread the word at least now.”
He laughed and disappeared.


  1. For sure he might have spread the message with a note that you have requested him to do so :)

  2. Ramesh, Don't publish this comment if you do not like it..

    I didn't like this post of yours even a bit..I just could not find humour in how you tricked your friend; nor in your narrative style..I think you are losing your touch here..sorry to say; but I genuinely didn't find this post or the anecdote funny..

    you think only you can joke and trick? I can too...loved this post to the core..was just trying to fool you :)

  3. I found this post as hilarious as ever.

  4. First time on your blog, enjoyed reading the post...looks like I ll have to come back to read more...:-)

  5. lol!!! One naughty man you are!!!

  6. Wicked stuff... a quick pic capturing the bemused expression would have been the icing :)

  7. If you really do this to your colleagues they must be watching out for you! :D