Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine shock

She’s hardworking, highly intelligent, enterprising…You add synonyms.
“Happy Valentine’s Day,” I wrote to her.
“Hi brother,” she replied instantly from Canada.
I felt a tremor in my heart.
“I warned you not to entertain naughty thoughts,” my colleague laughed.
“Did you, rascal?” I asked myself.
“No, it’s just that we used to discuss so many things that friends do, not sisters,” I reasoned.
“So that’s the end of your friendship?” I could see the glee in my colleague’s face.
“Nope. We used to hug (virtually). Now we will hug more often. And this time it will be a pure affectionate bond, free of polluted, nasty thoughts,” I replied.
I could feel the earthquake in my colleague’s heart.


  1. Ramesh you are making this up, just like that :D

  2. hahaha.. was it a shock to ur colleague or to you?? :P

  3. now just e-mail her - O meri behna, gale milti rehna :)

  4. Ouchhhhh!!Very noble idea of celebrating Valentine's Day in Raksha Bandhan style.Take care of your broken heart friend.

  5. they say super glue works good in such cases but don't worry men always learn from experience am told. next year will be better. lol.

  6. LOL would not be able to do justice to my laughter... so here I go...


  7. Haha.... loved it... i cud feel the thunder too!!!!! i have been trying to post ocmments since forever!!

  8. Oh brother, what a sister!

    PS: Hope you sent roses to your wife on Valentines Day!

  9. what happened to the lady with the lipstick in the lift? am sure she would definitely encourage a real(not virtual) hug from you!!

  10. oops... next time you make 'friends' remember to keep a status message "am not looking for brothers and sisters". LOL

  11. I heard that in Gujarat there is a practice of spanking naughty guys using a "Velan"(a stick)... every time their men cross the "line".. This is known as "VelanTime"... So I think you still had a good "Velantime" day!!

  12. Did you really mean it or just wanted to snub your colleague, eh?!!!

    Nice one.