Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monk with a tail

“Can you keep yourself happy 24/7?” asked my friend.
“No. Nor could my dad, or his dad or my/your predecessors,” I replied.
“Sorry to say, you sound hypocritical. Remove Say Cheese 24/7 from your blog header,” he said.
“It is like this. The universal spirit or the Atman as we say in the East has happiness as its base. It shines in everyone’s hearts 24/7. But just like dark clouds block the effulgence of the sun, desires and ignorance cloud our shining spirit,” I replied.
“Oh you think you are a monk?” he mocked.
“My dear friend Frenny Maneckshaw used to call me that,” I replied. “Only she added two letters “ey.”


  1. Through your posts you do have a say cheese 24X7 attitude! And I would stay away from the M business. :D

  2. We never leave your blog without laughing, Ramesh! Thank you!

  3. buddy, they added ey and made it monkey; and we will remove 'K' my rich friend, how are you? :D

  4. Thats a very witty reply I must say :) U keep ur readers happy 24/7!!

  5. No way you can remove that cheesy (hehe) 24/7 from your header. That's who you are! No matter how dark my mood when I stop by - I always leave smiling - (well, almost ;)

  6. Good one! In a class room, one lecturer remarked to a student who entered the class late and without waiting for his nod to get in, 'hey don't you have manners? ....only D...O....G will enter without notice"... pat came his reply...."G..O..D also will enter without notice, sir!"

  7. I am amused.
    Haven't we seen our friend in the picture somewhere?

  8. The monk who sold his ferarri!!!! :)

    I like the witty reply!!

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