Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ego massage

This human mind…what to tell you ya?
I was crossing a side lane linking the main Sharjah road.
A car was about to turn. I stopped. The motorist was talking on the mobile while driving and applied the brake close to me.
The moment I stopped, he started the vehicle. Then he stopped. I started to cross. But he started.
Payithiam…(Mentally challenged)..I was cursing him in Tamil. Four-letter words were lining up in my mind. I looked at him with fury.
He halted the car close to me, took off his mobile and smiled, “Sorry boss.”
Pusssss. It was just like removing the air valve from a cycle tube.
“Hehe..No problem, sir. It is not your mistake…”
You should have seen me gratifying him.
Just one sorry. What an ego massage.


  1. I agree it works like a charm in such situations.

  2. hehehe usually in such cases I smile :-)

  3. sorry is surely a golden word...also thankyou and please and excuse me .....!!!!!

  4. I am easy to forgive as well. I think this is a good thing. Hehehe I always enjoy reading your stories, Ramesh. Hope you are having an excellent week, dear buddy. Big hugs!

  5. I hate the word "sorry"! It works all the time!

  6. British didn't got away with murder for nothing. Sorry

  7. Sorry does make difficult problems disappear in a lot of situations.