Sunday, February 28, 2010

Missing my mind

I never sit at home on off days. But this time I was forced to do so. For the second day I remained voiceless, thanks to throat infection. Cough syrup Benadril made me so drousy I slept almost entire day.
By 6pm, I shook out of bed and began to walk towards City Centre. Two stout guys asked me the way to the mall. When I tried to explain I realised I could not speak. The first one hit the other on his head and said in Urdu: “Why do you ask fools? He can’t even speak.” They went away looking at me like a cat would at a rat.
I was feeling drowsy and just had a look at the T-shirts section. Two T-shirt slogans attracted my attention.
One read: “All men are not fools, some remain bachelors.” (Shucks, why I din’t see this before tying the knot?)
The second read: “Of all things lost, I miss my mind most.” (hehe me too)
This reminded me of the best ad slogan I came across long ago. It was for a blood donation campaign and read: “Blood is meant to circulate, donate.”
I rounded up the day with a Pizza Hut salad. Missed you guys and gals.


  1. I gave you the prescription for infection in your last post.Please read it.

  2. Ramesh, take care. My new blog is up and India is leading 3-0 in hockey world cup against Pakistan.

  3. Please take good care of you dear friend...have you tried salt water gargles ?I hope you get better very soon.
    By the way those slogans are really very interesting.And its Holi i am wishing you a very happy holi.

  4. 'I can resist anything but temptation' is my best T-Shirt quote...get well soon

  5. nice one! keep up the spirit and get well soon!

  6. Hope yur throat is fine by now:)

  7. Common - you made that first one up :) If not, I personally come and slap those guys;)Glad you feel much better.

  8. :) Hope you are feeling much better now. I've been taken to bed for the past few days - case of stomach infection. Getting bored of it already, wondering when it'll leave me be.

    :) Take care