Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blogger on noble mission; thanks Ria

Good-hearted blogger Vineeta of Bangalore is on a noble mission to help senior citizens.
This is what she wrote: We have a crèche for small kids and I felt I just needed one for older kids :) Why not a place where all such people can come together, meet, play, share and learn new things together. I just needed to bring them together, make them meet other like minded people and help them grow younger!
I guess I found one. But I need your help here!! It is meetup group opened in Bangalore. Since many of our elders hardly use internet, the onus is on us to help them join it.
Check out -
You can as well help by volunteering for this initiative!
A pat for Vineeta from GM
(Why you blinking? GM is Global Madrasi ya).

Thanks Ria
Thanks Ria Ghosh for the new look Global Madrasi header. BTW, Ria is an animation artist with splendid creative skills. The youngster says she is looking for challenging work in her field.


  1. Great job Ria...Its youngster like you who r needed in our country .

  2. What a terrific idea. And a great job on the new header. I love it!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week, Ramesh. I am thinking of you every day. Much love and peace to you, one of my very favorite blog friends! XOXOXO Namaste

  3. that's a very nice thing Vineeta is doing..and I mentioned in my previous comment too - I loved this header :)

  4. I LOVE this new look. Great job Ria and know what? it totally goes with Mr Chennai/Dubai Funny Bloggers image. :)

    :P Yeah, that's you Ramesh

  5. OMG!! Hey really thanks a million! I really owe you this to you. Really thank you so much for spreading the word.. I am planning the first meetup on 13th Feb. Will surely update you as well. Still trying to build strength in the club :)

  6. Hello sir,
    me and some of my frnds hv started an E-zine
    called Reader's Quotient, we will be revered if u come along us
    pls contact us at
    waiting for ur revert

    regds sangeeta

  7. My best compliments to her for doing such a great job.