Friday, February 26, 2010

Silenced by virus

I am down with severe throat infection and woke up to find in horror that I cannot speak. The words just refuse to come out. I tried to ring up my mom in India.
“Bahhh,” I went off.
Already in her eighties, my mom wondered which ghost was haunting her.
“Bahhhh..bhooooah?” she replied.
After minutes of struggle and a couple of dirhams lost as phone charge, I convinced her it’s me.
Then I went for my walk.
The tailor of Max mall, a daily acquaintance, expected me to scream as usual “Hiiiiiiii.”
Seeing me mum and just waving, he rushed, shook hands and asked, “How’s everything?”
“Bahhh,” I replied.
“You are always funny,” he laughed and patted me on my back. Actually he slapped me in the guise of a pat.
“No fun. Throat gone for a toss,” I managed to tell him through sign language.
Thank God, yesterday when my boss rang up to ask about the progress on report about Dubai Aquarium tank leak, I was OK.
Otherwise, my job would have gone for a bahhhhhh.


  1. bahhhh!!!! boooaahhh!!! :D

    Ooops!! I forgot you can't speak but you can read na? Take care :D

  2. take care buddy...thank god typing does not require talking..what we would have done without ur posts..

    get well soon :)

  3. Just now read Swaram's post and the way she explained her eye infection treatment was hilarious, now, yours! You guys look for humour everywhere! Nice one!

    Take care.

  4. Oh that was the reason? When I made a call to you, I heard some weired sound from other side that I hung up! Gargle..blaahh..bahhhh..!

  5. So what if you can't talk, you can type :)
    Take care

  6. Hope it wears off soon .... but we don't suffer from losing your blog voice!

  7. Hahaha.. o god...... yeh it wud hav been really funny...... if he heard the bahhhhh

  8. he he he...sometimes disease makes not only sick, but also funny.

  9. Humour in everything, that's your forte. Take care and get well soon..:-)

  10. Ramesh hope you are on the road to full recovery by now.

  11. I thought of Scrooge in Christmas Carol when I heard your 'bahhhh'!! You are not him tho! get well soon!

  12. Keats The Sunshine Girl: Thanks my friend..hey..i am not able to reach yr site buddy...maybe some tech stay connected...cheers..

  13. Throat infection?
    It takes 7 days to treat it if take medicines.
    It takes 1 week if you dont take medicines.
    Take your pick.

  14. The tailor is right - you are always funny...baaahhhhh!