Thursday, September 4, 2008

Between sunrise and sunset

The sun rose,

One prayed in church, another in mosque, the third in a temple.
On the streets, violence quenched thirst with red-coloured blood of multi-coloured people..

Away went a truck flashing a bumper sticker: "God, please save me from your followers!"

The sun stepped ahead,

One drew his knife..oh, don’t panic, this surgeon meant to save a life,
Another lay on hospital bed, unsure whether he would stay alive or dead,

“I have done my job, leave the rest to Him,” the physician packed up…

The sun would not stop,

The plate was full but not the palate...the five-star hotel was bustling and one refused to give up eating
Another tried to lick the dripping drops of tap water on a Third World roadside,
He was among 852 million going to bed without food worldwide

The sun took pity

Here’re two mantras: Globalization and green movement; one will end poverty, another will save your planet.

The cash-rich West lured East with globalization, the cash-strapped East dubbed it victimization
The communists saw red over the first mantra; the capitalists turned green with envy over the second.

The sun slided

Time to pack up, said the sun, hiding behind the clouds and mountains.
“Good bye today, see you tomorrow,” said the humans…

Advised the sun: “Look not for problem, but solution.”

Replied the humans: “Don’t worry. Here’s the nuclear weapon.”

R. Ramesh

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