Friday, September 12, 2008

A cook who cut his finger

I have this nasty habit of looking at the sun and sneezing loudly whenever I leave my building to walk towards my office. Many in the neighbourhood adjust their timings based on this “noise” and I can boast of good marks in punctuality.
A cook at a Pakistani restaurant in our building had an experience last week which he would not forget easily. He was busy cutting onions when I walked past and in a matter of seconds, let go a rather louder-than-usual “acchhooo…”
I opened my eyes to see a black cat running for its life and the cook staring angrily at me. “It’s you. I thought it was some sort of thunder or an earthquake and have cut my fingers.”
I offered to get an ointment but he smilingly turned down the offer.
Now everyday he flashes a smile and alerts me in case I forget my routine. I never knew that a simple habit like sneezing could rope in a good pal.


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