Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fury of a philosopher

She is a close friend and cares for her looks.
“Personality is important. You should never give up exercise if you want to be happy in life,” she adviced while applying a new facial cream.
“You are young and single. You have a bright future. I am not sure where I am placed,” I embarked on sweet-talking. That she’s in her late forties is another matter.
And do you know the worst enemy for all of us?
“Who?” I asked innocently.
“Anger. That destroys our soul and shatters our peace.”
“I have never seen you angry,” I again cajoled her.
“OK. Come to the point. You said you will get me a treadmill from your friend at half the price. What happened?”
“He has sold it off for a higher price. I am very sorry.”
“Buzz off,” she screamed, her face turning red with fury.

RR/ Sept17, 2008

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