Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crushed under the wheels

It was a three-minute edgy drama on Al Wahda Street around 10am on Monday.
A chick that had ostensibly fallen from a moving truck got trapped at the middle of the road. With vehicles moving at rapid speed, it stuck to the yellow line for a couple of minutes.
Touched by its plight, Sharjah Municipality worker Mohammed Nijam, who was busy watering the trees, ran along the footpath wondering how to save the little creature.
A crowd had gathered but could do nothing. One person could be seen trying to capture the plight of the bird on his mobile camera.
And in a few seconds, a woman mildly let out a scream, “Oh God.”
“Sad sir, it is such a tiny bird,” lamented Nijam, only to correct himself instantly. “It was.”

By R. Ramesh, The Gulf Today, Jan22, 2008
Posted Sept.9, 2008

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