Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Does money matter?

"Indeed, it does," was the strong argument put forward by Sharjah Toastmasters Club member Singarajan during the 200th meeting of the club at Sharjah recently.
"Can one travel in business class in any airline without money?" he questioned.
Well, if that's asking for luxury, Singarajan's argument is that money is also sought for charitable purposes and hence it cannot be termed "evil."
He humourously cited how his boss asked him to pay off Dhs40 taxi fare as he did not have "small change." The boss then completely forgot about it.
"During a future meeting, the boss gave a speech on rising fuel costs. I raised a question on rising taxi fares, but he did not get the hint. On a later occasion, my boss gave a lecture on the massive debts of African countries. I purposely raised a question on debt, but he either pretended or had completely forgotten about the taxi fare," Singarajan went on. "For the boss Dhs40 may be negligible, but not for an ordinary employee like me."
On an emotional note, Singarajan highlighted how he decided that money was a crucial factor in anyone's life.
"After my dad passed away my mom suggested that I seek the help of my estranged uncle who was my dad's brother. We were in desperate need of financial help and had no choice. I was reluctant in the beginning, but decided to follow my mom's advice. But when I approached my uncle, his words were: 'Let my money solve my problems, your money yours.' That changed my life and view about money."

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