Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The secret behind secrets

“You do not know how to keep a secret,” chided a close friend.
“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead,” I replied quoting Benjamin Franklin.
“Why did you tell William that Khan is visiting Dubai? Khan had specifically told me that his was a secret visit,” she fumed.
“I did not know that, sorry,” I pleaded.
“The other day I had told you not to tell anyone that I had bought a new car. But when I entered the office everyone asked about it. Now I will stop telling you anything meant to be a secret,” she went on.
Her argument went on like this: Secrets at times drag us to prosperity – we can decide, can open our heart to our own, without getting derailed by others’ comments. You never know where you are placed in one’s heart – friend or foe!!!!!
I am of the firm opinion that secrets kill debates. It is better to share views and exchange ideas.
Anyway, I was amazed by her ability to hold on to secrets.
“I wish I could keep secrets like you,” I replied.
She fell silent for a minute.
“I cannot keep secrets either,” she suddenly yelled.
“If I could have, I would not have uttered them to you.”
RR/Sept.30, 2008

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