Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whisper and thunder

There are some who talk too loudly almost bursting the ear drums of the listener, while there others who speak too softly to be audible.
The other day, a close friend of mine wanted to share a secret. She “whispered” in my ears. Some other colleagues sitting nearby laughed as they could hear her.
It is just that when she whispers, it looks like a normal chat, and when she talks, it sounds like she’s shouting. When she actually shouts, often people misunderstand it as thunder. No wonder, colleagues find the silence killing when this sportive person is not around.
More tormenting than those with a loud voice are the ones who keep their volumes too low. I picked up the phone last week to hear someone murmuring a few words.
What’s your name please?
I thought a bee was interrupting the line. After repeated attempts and effective execution of my journalistic skills, I managed to find out that she was a PR executive wanting to send some press release.
But is it not true that variety is what shapes the beauty of the world?

RR/ Sept.22, 2008

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