Friday, September 5, 2008

Strange dish

"Let's go and have snakes," said my friend.
"Not me," I screamed.
"What is wrong with you? You just said you are hungry!" he protested.
"But why snakes?" I asked, and in a moment's time realised what he meant was "snacks."
Known for using a strange village dialect, this friend had often landed in trouble.
"Let's go," I said.
Have you got 'many'? he asked.
I replied: "It's your treat."
"I don't have 'many,' but I can use my 'kradeet kard,'" he declared.
We reached a restaurant.
"Bring 'mainu curd, (menu card, obviously)'" he ordered the server.
"We do not have such a dish," came the reply.
"You do not even have 'mainu curd.' What stupid restaurant," my angry friend grabbed my hand and walked out in a jiffy.

R. Ramesh

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