Saturday, September 20, 2008

Five minutes please!

“Will you care for a cup of tea?” I invited my Filipana friend.
“Just give me five minutes, I will be back,” she said and disappeared.
When she returned, she was all decked up and looked five years younger.
“How did you manage to look so different in a matter of a few minutes?” I asked amazed at her new look.
“Well, my hand bag is a beauty parlour in itself,” she declared.
“No wonder, the consumption of cosmetics and perfumes in the region is ranked among the highest per capita worldwide. The average purchase per head is around Dhs1,226 annually,” I told her.
“The GenNext is appearance-conscious and you must accept that,” she argued.
“What about men?” I countered.
“Male or female, personality matters now more than ever,” she said.
“Could you give me five minutes?” I disappeared now.
RR/ Sept.20,2008

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