Saturday, September 20, 2008

Memory game

“You were supposed to meet me at the coffee shop and did not make it. I wasted over an hour
waiting for you,” I screamed at the top of my voice.
“I forgot, believe me,” my friend pleaded.
“What forgot? You took the best novel I had last month, but never bothered to return...,” I was in a ferocious mood.
“Listen. I had planned to return it today, but...,”
“But forgot, right?” I shouted.
“Studies have revealed that stress makes you activate an enzyme in the brain called Kinase C. It is a protein which undermines your short term memory, plus some other brain functions in the prefrontal cortex,” I spoke like a doctor.
“No, no. Please do not start all that. I am perfectly normal,” he said.
“I have an idea. An iPod may be of help to people like you. Even if you had forgotten where you parked your car, the electronic marvel would help you. Park your car and tap "Park Me" to take a GPS reading; on the way back, hit "Where Did I Park" for turn-by-turn directions back to the whip. It'll work for iPod touch users via Wi-Fi and cell-tower positioning,” I said recollecting what I had read in a magazine.
“Exactly, I am coming to that. Could you lend me some money. I was just planning to buy one set,” he managed to retain his innocent look.

RR, Sept 20, 2008

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